The last frontier of real estate data.

Our software platform empowers leading real estate companies to convert their documents into reservoirs of actionable property data, increasing transaction intelligence and efficiency.



DealStat's AI platform is uniquely engineered and train to understand real estate data from highly unstructured sources, including scanned PDFs, and natural language documents.

We deliver custom solutions to real estate companies looking to increase efficiencies and gain an edge from their data.


DealStat extracts key property information from thousands of property deeds each week for the title industry.


Valuable property information is locked in PDF offering memos.  Our technology helps brokers and investors unleash their own data and manage dealflow.


We help investors summarize volumes of incoming prospective deal data to quickly pinpoint opportunity.


Summarize key data and measure market sentiment from real estate research reports.


Cherre and DealStat Announce Partnership to Integrate Unstructured Data into Real Estate Data Platform. 

June 25, 2020

DealStat will join Cherre's Data Partner Network, making it possible for mutual clients to easily extract data from source documentation and incorporate it into Cherre's platform.

Howard Zola Joins DealStat as Advisor for Technology Licensing. 

October 7, 2019

For the last thirty years Howard has been an industry thought leader, entrepreneur, and held senior management positions with high growth companies such as Costar, Chicago Title, NAI Global, and

Cities Losing Population - A Closer Look. 

September 30, 2019

Earlier this year, Michael Beckerman and CRETech wrote about how the CRE 'Burbs are Alive and Well, and last week the Wall Street Journal highlighted the trend of Millennials leaving big cities.  DealStat decided to take a closer look.

Why Process Innovation Will Drive the Next Generation of Real Estate Alpha. 

September 20, 2019

When information and deal access are abundant and universal, it becomes processes that differentiate great investors from the masses.





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