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Favorite Real Estate Technology Resources

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

For real estate professionals looking to stay on top of how technology is impacting commercial real estate, DealStat™ compiled a collection of some of our favorite resources to follow. These newsletters, blogs, and podcasts will keep you up to date on the latest innovations, trends, headlines and events surrounding CRE tech.

Newsletters & Blogs

- Propmodo. Formally known as, Propmodo produces a daily newsletter focused entirely on how technology is changing the way we acquire, manage and use commercial real estate.

- MetaProp. MetaProp sits at the nexus of real estate and technology. They operate an accelerator for entrepreneurs, an advisory business for industry incumbents looking to leverage technology, and an investment fund. MetaProp is often involved with events that bring innovators and real estate professionals together. Based in New York, they recently embarked on a global expansion.

- DisruptCRE. DisruptCRE holds annual CRE technology summits in New York, Chicago, and Boston. Their website is broken down by asset class, and is a great resource for technology news impacting commercial real estate.

- Fifth Wall Insights. Fifth Wall is one of the leading venture capital groups focused on technology for the built world. They have raised $265 million to invest in the space, primarily from institutional real estate operators. Investments include Opendoor, Enertiv, and VTS. Fifth Wall's Insights blog and newsletter keeps you up to date on the firm's investments and influential perspectives.

- Duke Long. Known for his provocative style, Duke Long provides entertaining insights on commercial property technology, including conversations with entrepreneurs and predictions on the future of the industry.


Most of these resources are noted above for their blogs. If you're looking for good conversations on CRE tech to add to your commute, here are a few that we listen to.

- MetaPropCast. MetaProp publishes a podcast hosted by one of its founding partners, Philip Russo. Philip interviews startup founders and other prominent leaders involved in proptech ventures.

- Fifth Wall Podcast. Fifth Wall's podcast features built world startup founders, and industry leaders who are focused on innovation.

- Duke Long. Duke Long probably hosts one of the longest running podcasts on CRE tech. You'll find a great archive of technology focused conversations relating to the brokerage community and beyond.

- Behind the Bricks. While not exclusively focused on technology, Peter Von Der Ahe, a top NYC multifamily broker, hosts a monthly podcast where he interviews dealmakers and real estate entrepreneurs. Peter often talks with his guests about how technology is impacting the industry and their operations.

If you know a resource that you think DealStat™ is missing, please let us know.

If you're looking to further immerse yourself in the CRE technology community, Tim Milazzo, the Cofounder and CEO of StackSource, started a Slack community for founders, employees, brokers, investors and operators to talk about industry trends and events. Just reach out to us for an invitation.

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